We offer a rebate of 1/2 percent of the purchase price of your home which is payable at closing for you to use any way that you see fit.  We offer this as an acknowledgement that you as the buyer has decided to work with Parker Properties New York.  Below are two questions that most people have which are as follows:

(1) What is a rebate and is it legal?  Any brokerage firm that represents you can offer you a rebate. Most brokerage firms don't offer them as people just don't know about them.    If you want more information, please vist the Department of Justice's site at:

(2) When and how is the rebate paid?  Rebates are paid at closing and are paid out as part of the closing process.  All of our clients must have a signed brokerage agreement with Parker Properties New York representing you as the broker at your closing to be eligible for the rebate.

Any more questions?  Please feel free to reach out to us to ask.