Lease To Own Program

In the off chance that you can't get a loan commitment, you can still buy your dream home through our Lease To Own program. 

Our mortgage lender will still work with you to identify the (a) why you can't get financing and (b) the when you can get it.   Based on that information, we will still submit your offer to the seller along with your down payment, the rate, terms, offer price and ask them Seller if they are willing to sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement which is legally binding so that you can still buy your home as soon as you can obtain your financing with our lender.

If the Seller accepts your offer and terms, we move forward with a soft close, you move in, your down payment is turned over to the Seller, you start making payments to the Seller and then when you are qualified to obtain your financing with the lender then the hard close happens and title changes and the home will be yours.