Buyer Checklist

Below are the steps that will that happen from start of your search to close on your home:

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage with the only contingency being an appraisal.  If there are any other contingencies – make sure you satisfy them before looking for your home so that you can shop with confidence.
    • Please note that when you work with a traditional lender – the timing of the process could take anywhere from 60 – 90 days and that is if you can meet their requirements.  We work with a direct lender that makes the whole process hassle-free, quick and highly rated that can close oftentimes in as little as 4 weeks.
  2. If you don’t already have one, find an attorney that you are comfortable working with that is responsive. 
    • We have attorneys that we work with and you are welcome to use them.  They have many years of experience and are also highly rated.
  3.  Now – you can shop with confidence for your new home and once found – submit your offer.
  4.  Once the offer is accepted – then the Seller’s and Buyer’s attorneys will draw up the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
    • If the property is a condo or co-op – the boards of these properties will also need to be contacted as they have the right of first refusal on all accepted offers and they need to provide building approval that you are in good standing with them.   If your property is a condo or co-op – the timing of the whole process may lengthen depending on the turnaround time of the board providing their documentation on the building.
  5. Both the Seller and Buyer sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement and you put down your deposit which is put into escrow with the Seller’s attorney and your attorney runs title.
  6. You order an inspection of the property which you should do to make sure that there are no unexpected issues down the road once you close.
  7. You work with your mortgage lender to turn their pre-approval into a loan commitment by conducting your appraisal and starting the loan process.
  8. Once the property appraises (and there are no other contingencies), the lender issues a commitment and then gives their approval to close on the property.
  9. Conduct your final walkthrough of the property.
  10. Attend the closing and sign all of the closing documents which includes your mortgage, deed, title insurance, collect your keys, etc.
  11. Enjoy your new home!